What is it?

On November 8, 2017, it was commemorated the 5th Centenary of the death of cardinal Cisneros, Primate Archbishop for 22 years and promoter of the initiatives that turned the primitive Gothic temple of Toledo into the majestic Cathedral that we know today, the “dives toledana”. After more than a year of work, the Cathedral’s Chapter unveiled the exhibition “Cisneros. Archetype of Virtues-Model of Prelates”, which will remain open to the public for a few months allowing to inform about the transcendence of the material and immaterial legacy that Cisneros left in Toledo’s Cathedral, in the Kingdom of Spain and in the whole world.

A few weeks later this magazine, REVISTA CATEDRAL DE TOLEDO, comes out to collect the highlights of the exhibition, to tell its ins and outs and to introduce it to the world in a bilingual printed and digital edition. With previous reports about Toledo’s Cathedral and about the life of Cisneros, as well as with other sections that will allow you reader to discover the catechetical language of some cardinal’s objects or singular photographies of the Primate Cathedral.

We include two illustrious guests signatures, we interview the Archbishop of Toledo and we enlarge the Cathedral’s documentary basis with journalistic collaborations in order to extract curious facts of some of the great reports, and we adapt the exhibition route in a kind of Children’s Guide.

We aim, with humility but with firm conviction, to be heirs of the reforming, humanistic and evangelizing spirit of cardinal Cisneros, whom we present on the magazine’s cover as the Eternal Cardinal. Because, certainly, his figure and his work have survived the passing of the times. If we are able to awake your interest, dear reader, to help you to know better Toledo’s Cathedral, to extend Cisneros’ exhibition in time and space and to serve as an instrument to spread any initiative related to the Primate Cathedral, the effort will have been worthwhile.