Marisa Martínez


My parents brought me up in the Faith. Since I was a child I remember as usual going to Toledo’s Cathedral in order to see the Virgen del Sagrario. Every August 15 —the day of her biggest feast (the Assumption)—, I went to mass with my parents and then we went to the cloister to drink the water of the Virgin in such a huge earthenware pitchers that I could not support.

The first thing that the people of Toledo —whether we live in this imperial city or not—  remember and bear in our hearts is our Mother and patron saint, the Virgen del Sagrario. As pope Francis says, she “looks at each and every one of us as a mother, with tenderness, mercy and love, encouraging us to feel her gaze” from the throne of her chapel in the Primate Cathedral.

We all ask Mary to help us when we suffer worries, doubts and uncertainties in our lives. How many people in Toledo go every day through her Chapel to feel her eyes, ask for help or thank her for having attended to their requests!

Virgin Mary had two great loves, the Love for God and the Love for brothers. We, as believers and devotees of the Virgin, are invited to live these two great loves; We must know her, love her and imitate her. She is the way to take us to Jesus.

We must imitate Mary in the Love for God that should lead us to guide our life according to what God wants of us, to direct our actions from the Faith, to live and bear testament to our Faith. Do it without complexes, not only when we go to the church, in certain moments of our daily life or when we are alone. We must bear testament to love at all times, wherever we are and with whom we are, so that others may discover Jesus by means of our example.

We must also imitate Mary in the Love for brothers, fulfilling the commandment of love; “Love one another as I have loved you.” Because the Love for brothers is for all; for those closest to you —such as family, friends, neighbors or co-workers— and for the most distant and needy, for all without exception.

My devotion to the Virgen del Sagrario has marked my life since I was a child. I have always come to her to share my joys and my sorrows. I entrust myself every day to her while her medal always accompanies me. I have celebrated in her chapel the most important events of my life, such as my silver and golden weddings, the marriage of my son and the baptism of my grandchildren.

I have been part of the Esclavitud de la Virgen del Sagrario brotherhood for many years. It is a pleasure to be its president and major servant working with enthusiasm to enhance the devotion to our Mother and patron saint, the Virgen del Sagrario.

It is Mary, our Virgen del Sagrario, who takes us to God; She is our intercessor and —as we pray in the Hail Mary— she is the Queen and Mother of our mercies and hopes.

I invite you all as Christians, as part of the Church, to visit her in her Chapel. She is our heavenly Mother, because the Church is a family whose mother is the Virgin.

May Mary be our guide in life and always accompany us.


– Marisa Martínez Moreno –
Presidenta-Esclava Mayor