Visiting Toledo and visiting Toledo’s Cathedral are the same thing; It is impossible not to fall in love with the exuberance and beauty of such a great building.

And although I do not know very well how old I would be when I first entered into this Primate Cathedral —it’s hard for me at the moment to set a date when I look back because I am already in my fifties—, I do remember that I did it by the hand of my mother, my father and my brothers.

I remember that every August 15 —birthday of my brother and an important date for being the Virgin’s Day— we spent the day in Toledo, as a family. And when we arrived to Toledo’s Cathedral my parents always asked us the same question: “How did they get St. Cristobal inside the Cathedral?”. And without knowing what to answer by the imposing size of the big Cristóbal, they always gave us the same answer: “So in paint cans”.

The memory of our first family visits looks perhaps alike to those of any family of tourists. But over time I understood that my parents took us to Toledo’s Cathedral not only for its architectural, pictorial and cultural value, but also for finding a moment of prayer there.

And this was a moment that I recommend experiencing any family, any person, and especially the youngest ones: to admire the architectural and cultural beauty of the temple, then to pray in privacy and to understand that the aesthetic beauty is in the background before the true beauty of Toledo’s Cathedral.

Fortunately, I have been able to come to Toledo and to the Primate Cathedral on many other occasions; as a member of a course or in sporadic visits before or after any work meeting. And Toledo’s Cathedral has always served me as a refuge to have a moment of intimacy and to be able to pray.

In short, this Cathedral that beats in the heart of Toledo is also the one that beats in my heart, and will always be associated with my memory.

Thanks to this article for making me remember the place where I took, with my family, the first steps as a believer.


– Pepe Rodríguez – 

Chef of the restaurant El Bohío